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Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa
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Meet Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa and you’ll find his journey to Internet Business success inspirational…

The guy in the video is “Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa Carson” (@uonwuchekwa on Facebook), he’s just a regular family guy and father to a beautiful daughter, he sent me this video yesterday but here’s what you didn’t know…

Just 1 year ago he was slaving away at Firstbank, waking up 6am, going back home 8, 9 and sometimes as late as 10pm.

It was nonstop grind, working in a tiny, stuffy cubicle day after day assigned to handle/watch money and success made by others , always answering query almost every other day and at the end of the month, he goes home with paltry salary barely enough to take care of the family.

So, he decided to hack his life, he started online business on the side, combined it with his bank job for a couple of months, soon after he realized that running a profitable digital business is not a part time job.

And he made a BALLSY decision.

He QUIT his job!

At this point, a lot of people criticized him, friends and colleagues for leaving a guaranteed job to a life of uncertainty (I agree it was risky move but then it was a very calculated one, he had the right coach and access to the right team)

1 year later, he’s built a profitable, sustainable and scalable internet business making 2 – 3 times of his monthly salary at the bank every single day (last month alone, he earned more than what he gets paid at the bank for a whole year).

All while working from the comfort of his home, spending a lot of time with his wife and kid.

Now, he’s about to blow things up and scale the business so he setup this very beautiful office and employed a lot of people, yes… 1 year ago, he was an employee… today’s he’s the BOSS, calling all the shots and giving people jobs with healthy salary.

So, my question to you today is…

What is Holding You Back?

What are you afraid of? What is your excuse? Are you afraid of taking that bold step outside of your comfort zone because you’re not sure you’ll succeed?

Remember that to soar, you have to jump… if you never take that jump, you’ll never be able to soar!

All you need is to have the right coach, access and connection to the right people that have done before you and succeeded.

Hack Your Life today like Ugochukwu, Start your journey here ==>

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Myself, I was only 14 when I decided to change my life and build an internet business, by 15… I already made my first million since then I’ve never looked back.


Hack Your Life to true financial freedom today, start here:

  • lovedog
    2 years ago

    outstanding. Very very inspiring. how do i start up on my own internet business?

  • chinonso
    1 year ago

    This is one of the motivating factors that pushes me towards great minds and coach like precious, have been following the flows on the facebook page. It is very hot there. i know someday i will also inspire many people to make a change in their lives.

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