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Precious Ngwu sitting at the office

Everything will change if you’re serious about changing it…

Back in 2008, I was just a regular 14 year old kid (quickly turning 15) who just graduated from secondary school with no swag, no girlfriend and probably no bright future (or so I thought)…

I came from a very broke family and I was so afraid of being suckered into that same vicious circle of poverty that at a very early age, I was already struggling to discover ways to earn money.

My first attempt at success was trying to become a medical doctor, that way I can earn a good salary but scoring 195 in jamb cut that whole dream short, I remember the day I collected my result very well because I’ve never felt so hopeless in my entire life, I cried bitterly because I felt my entire dream have been yanked right beneath me, to be honest… I never really had passion for the medical field, I just wanted the money and I thought that was the only way.

Nevertheless, I later got an admission through supplementary registration to study crop science and landscape management, I hated everything about my life at the moment and worse part was I already knew that with the way it was going, I would be lucky to get a job at some Agriculture ministry earning around 40,000 – 70,000 naira ($108 – $189 USD) salary every month.


At that point, I was desperate… I couldn’t sit on my hands waiting for the next 5 years when I will graduate to find a job (like most people do) and that’s when I started looking for a job but at that age, options were very limited. My first shot at it was attempting to work at Crunchies in Abakaliki as one of the servers as I always had a thing for food but the manager snubbed me (I’m really thankful today that he did).

Luckily, I used to go to cybercafe with any little money I get and that was when I discovered online business, I started out trying my hands on literally everything, the first thing I learned was how to configure internet, I charged between 500 naira to 750, at most 1,000 naira (for reference: 500 Nigerian naira = $1.3 US Dollar) to configure mobile phones or computers to browse, I quickly started offering the service to my friends and schoolmates, some good weeks… I will make up to 2,000 naira ($5 USD) from it.

But something happened that made me stop offering the service, it almost claimed my life… I will share this with you another day.

I kept struggling, trying everything from online surveys, to Click to Earn, Read to Earn offers, I was scammed by the likes of Awsurveys, HorseMails, ElephantMails…

It was not until December 8, 2008 that I made my first money online, a product sale worth 1,500 naira, that moment I was hooked for life and I’ve never looked back since then.

I kept pushing hard no matter what life threw at me, no matter all the negativity, I don’t give up

Fast forward today (9 years later), I’ve gone from that literal dumb kid to the Precious Ngwu you now know, becoming one of the co-founders of vilinox llc, a private Hong Kong based software company, a 2 time top vendor of one of the biggest digital marketing platforms on this planet, the #1 super affiliate for many high ticket vendors on InfusionSoft and a multi-millionaire entrepreneur employing 100s of people across the world (Hong Kong, US, Russia, Romania, Canada, Philippines and Nigeria), my real estate business alone employs and feeds over 100 families during all of our peak construction periods.

Precious Ngwu sitting at the office

This incredible transformation wouldn’t have happened without ONE thing…

“Hustle & Consistency”

I was determined to change my life regardless of the obstacles

I know a couple of friends that started out same internet business journey with me, today they’re still struggling, jumping from one thing to another but I hope you’ll be different, I hope you’ll make the right calls so this won’t be you.

If you’re serious about Hacking Your Life (I mean pushing that freaking reset button) so you can turn things around and make more money than you ever dreamed was possible then follow me here

PS: my entire business model is built on selling products to my target audience, read this post to see how I compel my customers to buy my products.

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  • Everest
    10 months ago

    Hi Precious
    This is really inspiring. I hope to take it up ad start my own business online despite current challenges.
    One Question pls.
    What 5 things would you do differently of more intentionally if you had the chance to go back 10 years in your business?

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