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Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software You Need To Check Out

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software You Need To Check Out

In a world of rapid growing digital marketing, the significant of video content cannot be rule out, not even in a tiny bit. Like the saying, seeing is believing. People love to watch, they want to see and only then many are convinced. Thus, imagine such great impact you stand to make when you incorporate more video content into your marketing. You can’t beat the significance.

You may already have your video cameras devices or even the easy to access ones that come with your smartphone devices. Yes, I know of them can capture high quality videos for you; But then, there is more to reaching for a high professional video content.

This is where Video Editing Software come in. You may already have some installed in your computer system, but depending on your skills and what you really want to achieve, you may need more. The Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software below in this article are packed with amazing features that you will definitely love to try them out.

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software You Need To Try Out

1. Machete Video Editor Lite (Windows)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

The Machete Video Editor Lite is one video editing softwares which does not require you to be a video pro before you can handle it. In fact, this softwares is designed for your easy, quick and simple slicing of your video files.

It lets you cut, copy and paste across various sections of the video you are working on. And you do not have to worry about losing your video quality, because Video Editor Lite does not re-encode your video files as you slice them.

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Although you won’t be able to edit audio, and regardless of the fact that this software supports only AVI and WMV, it is one you can beckon when you are in need of editing your video. It has a very nice and simple interface, which makes it all simpe for you to edit your videos even when you do not have video editing exprience.

2. Avidemux (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software


Unlike Machete Video Editor Lite which supports only AVI and WMV, Avidemux supports different video formats including AVI, MPEG, DVD, QuickTime and MP4.

Similar to Machete Video Editor Lite, Avidemux does not allow you do Audio editing, but then with the software you can comfortably do your basic video editing without the fear of losing your video quality. It has more features which enables you do more like adding subtitles, adjust colors and bightness, flip and rotate clips etc.

3. WeVideo (Cloud-based)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

WeVideo is one of the leading cloud-based video editing softwares. This group of video editing programs or softwares are accessed through your browsers, rather than downloading them to your computer system.

WeVideo is more advanced and it comes with more trick and features. It allows you edit your video including audio editing. You can share videos in 4K resolution. And more interestingly, this programs comes with a library of commercially licensed music.

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There are two options to using this software; there is WeVideo free option and there is also the paid version. While you would enjoy more cloud storage space with the paid version, the free option offers you only 10GB of cloud storage, and of course if you are planning to edit multiole videos, definitely you would need more space.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

VSDC Free Video Editor is one video editing program that would leave you wowed! It is completely free while giving you so many advanced features unlike most of other video editing programs.. You can actually make a professional-looking video with this free video editing software.

It supports closely all major video formats, with advanced features for audio editing(audi effects), object transformation, color correction and much more. All features are available for free use.

But you know what? One thing is that at some point in time, you may definitely need a technical support, and this is the only time you may need to pay.

5. Wondershare Filmora (Windows/Mac)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

Do you want to start out basic while you grow into using the more advanced video editing functionality, then this is one option for you. This is possible with the “Easy Mode” and “Full Feature Mode”.

While the program’s “Easy Mode” makes it a lot simpler for you by removing complexity and then allowing you simply drag and drop video clips. And with this, you can complete your video editing in just few minutes, while adding some music and choosing a pre-designed theme.

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The “Full Feature Mode” allows you do a lot more. You can add filters to your work, add transitions and overlays. What’s more? You can even use split-screen effects and also play video clips in reverse.

Although the free version of Wondershare Filmora adds a watermark to your videos, you can remove them only by upgrading to the paid version.

6. Blender (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

Blender is much more advanced in features. In fact it comes with a ton of features that let you achieve more. It is simply more than a video editing. This program allows you add transition, including speed control, filters and many more.

With this you can make a high professional and complex videos with the availability of 32 slots for adding video clips, audio clips, images and effects. The software also allows for modeling, rendering, motion trscking and much more. Better put, Blender is a complete 3D animation power suite.

7. Lightworks (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

Lightworks is a video editing software which has been used by professionals to make even some award-winnig films. It is much more more advanced when it comes to video editing softwares.

The software comes in two different versions, the “Free” versiona and the “Pro” version, in which case the “Pro” version requires you pay some money to get more features to use in your video editing, such as stereoscopic output and advanced project sharing.

Nevertheless, you can achieve better work too with the free version as there are over hundred of effects available for the free version.

8. HitFilm (Windows/Mac)

Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software

HitFilm is one free video editing software which avails you to wealth of tutorial videos. It comes with over 180 special effects which you can ass to your videos, including visual effects, and 3D editing.

While using this software, you can upgrade to using even more advanced features by upgrading to the “Pro” version of the video editing software. With this, you are getting more visual effects, better high resolution and 3D rendering, better audio syncing between audio and video files.
Eight (8) Of The Best Free Video Editing Software You Need To Check Out


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