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CBS Challenge Update #1 —- Build a Brand New Internet Business from Scratch

Guys…. I’m about to do something weird (#CBSChallenge), something you’ll NEVER see any other Nigeria marketer do.

I want to “Build a Profitable Internet Business for a TOTAL Stranger Live in Front of You Guys”

This challenge is SCARY and honestly, I may fail for too many reasons like picking the wrong niche/product idea or picking a lazy bum to work with … haha.

To Follow This Challenge, Here’s What To Do:

1: Join the CBS Facebook Group: (it’s where we’ll post all updates)

2: Invite Your Friends to CreateBuildSell group as so they join you as we build a brand new internet business from scratch

3: Comment “Make It Happen” on this video and TAG Your Friends in the Comment

4: SHARE this video on your social media timeline and use the hashtags #CBSChallenge #CBSJourney#RealLiveInternetBusinessProof to let them know what a marketer is doing.

The game is about to change in the Nigerian marketing industry forever, whether I fail or succeed, things will no longer be the same when I’m done because everyone will have to step up their game and deliver better stuff to you because you’ll know so much and have so much knowledge about Internet Business that literally no one can bullshit you anymore with crappy stuff, so support me by tagging your friends and sharing this video.

CBS (CreateBuildSell) training program comes to Nigeria in October 16, 2017

  • Adedayo victor
    1 year ago

    Make it happen Precious I really love to see it happen

  • Ezekiel
    1 year ago

    Honestly I think this is a great escape route for
    Many struggling net biz Nigerians, who have been
    Deceived many times with fake stuff.

    A friend sent this to me back in October but then I was going through so much and had no money to join.
    I came looking for you on the net today to see if you
    Can coach me too, or if you have any thing coming
    Up for Easter.

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